BD’s Nov. 2020 Election Analysis (part 1 of 3)

How do I state the importance of this election without hyperbole?
Let’s see…it’s the most important election of our lifetime. Does that work?

Stop. Do this:


*Back in the spring when you ordered your mail-in ballot, you opted for the “permanent list” (receive a mail-in ballot for the rest of the year, and automatically receive an application next year), or for a one-time mail-in ballot. Do you need to order again? I did.

I’m here with Part 1 of an unprecedented two part election recommendation.

Despite the mounting challenges of the postal service and the inefficiency of opening and counting the overwhelming number of mail-in ballots, voting by mail (if done early enough) is the best way to ensure that your vote is counted.

Pandemic, civil unrest, martial law, power outages, chaotic polling places, ID issues, purged voter rolls, disinformation, voter list hacks….
There are too many possible disaster scenarios this year (many encouraged or caused by the president) to leave voting until the last minute on November 3.

It’s not the MAIL that is the advantage of the mail-in ballot, it’s the TIME (lots of it). You can do it early, and with notifications along the way that your application/ballot has been received, it is the best way to assure your vote is counted.

So many people say they are just tired of all this shit over the last 4 years. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the daily nonsense and normal to just want a system that functions without seemingly daily outrages or threats to society.

I subscribe to the belief that the best way to “predict” the future is to study the past, and I’ve been reading pieces that take a historical view of current events. They make the point that America has always had misinformation, paranoia, conspiracy theories, know-nothing populism, thinly-veiled (or obvious) racism, and intense distrust of expertise, science, and knowledge. Those who “measure” all of those things say that current levels are in line with past levels. They’ve always been there, always will be.

What is different now is that the president of the United States is complicit and actively encouraging of all of these things. What is also different is that one of the two major parties at best excuses and ignores, or at worst actively encourages this behavior from the president.

Republicans need to lose and they need to lose badly.

It is vital for both the present and for the future of the country that this spineless and heartless party is removed from power.

All that, plus the fact that the Republicans have shown themselves completely incapable of governing, protecting vulnerable people, or passing any bills that didn’t involve a huge tax break for the rich.

Apply for the ballot now. When I applied last week, I received confirmation and processing of my mail-in ballot request within 1 business day. My ballot will be mailed in September or October.

And return that ballot ASAP. Philadelphia city commissioners recommend submitting ballots at least 1 week before election day (November 3).

I’ll be back with more details when the ballot numbers/candidates/questions are finalized, but here’s where we stand now:

President and Vice President of the United States – Joseph R Biden/his VP pick

Pennsylvania Attorney General – Josh Shapiro

Auditor General – Nina Ahmad

State Treasurer – Joe Torsella

Representative in Congress – Brendan Boyle, Dwight Evans, or Mary Gay Scanlon

Bonus activism alert If you’re looking for another way to get involved, check out the campaign of Christina Finello. Help turn the Bucks County congressional seat from red to blue.

State Senator – your local Democrat

Representative in the General Assembly – your local Democrat

Stay tuned!

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