Elizabeth Warren’s Choice

After withdrawing from a long and well-fought campaign, Senator Elizabeth Warren is being hounded by the mainstream press to make an endorsement. What will she decide to do?

One of the reasons Elizabeth Warren entered politics in the first place was because she was angered by the terrible Bankruptcy bill sponsored by Joe Biden.

One part of that bill prevented students from escaping their massive student debts through bankruptcy court. In short, a teacher with a massive student loan debt who falls on hard times can’t declare bankruptcy and shed their debts to recover, while Trump and the 1%, can use bankruptcy law to their advantage. In light of that, endorsing Biden would be a tough pill to swallow.

Warren labels herself as a Progressive, and did amazing work with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in fighting the predatory practices of big banks and Wall St. If she endorses Biden, along with the other conservative candidates (Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobouchar) who are promising little more than a return to normal and platitudes of hope with no plan to enact substantive change. She will be getting behind a candidate with massive ties to the financial giants she has been battling for years. It may compromise her Progressive values so much that it would be tough for her to maintain that label without public consternation.

Does that mean that she is going to pull an “I abstain” move like she did in 2016? Her snub of Bernie in the Massachusetts contest shut down his momentum, and due to its placement early in the overall race, certainly influenced everything from that point forward. After all, the reason Bernie ran at all in 2016 was that he couldn’t convince Warren to run against Hillary.

I’m not sure turning her back on Bernie and the Progressive wing of the party a second time would be easy for Warren either. That really hurt her reputation among Progressives, and probably greatly contributed to why her popularity among the Progressive wing during her 2020 campaign wasn’t as strong as it could have been.

Does the (I) next to Bernie’s name really matter when he caucuses with the Democrats 100% of the time? Is loyalty to an arbitrary party label more important to Senator Warren than the Progressive agenda that I believe is part of her core values? I don’t think so.

It may be that she is planning to do what the conservative candidates did for Biden, and is waiting for just before next week’s contests to announce her endorsement of Bernie. That would be a powerful political move. If she chooses this path, she will be attacked in the corporate media who are all in for Biden. In light of this, it might be worth noting that her decline in popularity in the polls coincided with the time she started becoming the darling of the mainstream media (after backing away from Medicare For All). If this is her choice, timing is EVERYTHING. For maximum impact, her endorsement needs to come just before the primaries this Tuesday. If she waits until after Michigan, it will be almost as if she chose to abstain.

We will have to wait and see who Warren decides to be in 2020.

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