Candidate Endorsements November 2018

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This page will change as more candidates are added, so come back often to check on races in your state.
In every race across the country we recommend voting for Democratic candidates. This page exists to point voters specifically to candidates that are progressive in their policy positions and platforms. Please visit candidate websites and find a way to help, whether that’s donating your time by volunteering, or donating funds.

State District Position Candidate JD OR WF PN
AK 10 AK House Patricia Faye-Brazel    
AK 32 AK House Dennis Harris    
AR 35 AR Senate Maureen Skinner    
AZ 29 AZ Senate Martin Quezada    
AZ 03 US House Raul Grijalva  
CA 01 US House Audrey Denney  
CA 17 US House Ro Khanna    
CA 50 US House Ammar Campa-Najjar
CA 15 CA Assembly Jovanka Beckles    
CA 71 CA Assembly James Elia    
CO 05 US House Stephany Rose Spaulding    
CO 06 CO Senate Guinn Unger    
CO 13 CO Senate Phil Kelley    
CO 09 CO House Emily Sirota    
CT 38 CT House Baird Welch-Collins    
DE 36 DE House Donald Allan    
FL 08 US House Sanjay Patel  
FL 66 FL House Alex Heeren    
GA 01 US House Lisa Ring  
KS 04 US House James Thompson  
KY 01 US House Paul Walker    
MA 07 US House Ayanna Pressley  
MD (all) Gov. Ben Jealous
ME 01 US Senate Zak Ringelstein      
MI 01 US House Matt Morgan    
MI 02 US House Robert Davidson    
MI 13 US House Rashida Tlaib
MN 05 US House Ilhan Omar  
MO 07 US House Jamie Schoolcraft    
NE 02 US House Kara Eastman  
NY 14 US House Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
PA 11 US House Jess King
PA 08 PA House Lisa Boeving-Learned    
PA 16 PA Senate Mark Pinsley    
PA 21 PA House Sara Innamorato    
PA 34 PA House Summer Lee    
PA 104 PA House Patty Smith      
PA 145 PA House Brian Kline    
PA 168 PA House Kristin Seale  
PA 184 PA House Elizabeth Fiedler  
PA 200 PA House Chris Raab  
TX 03 US House Lorie Burch    
TX 12 US House Vanessa Adia    
TX 14 US House Adrienne Bell    
TX 26 US House Linsey Fagan  
VT (all) Gov. Christine Hallquist    
WA 07 US House Pramila Jayapal
WA 09 US House Sarah Smith
WI 01 US House Randy Bryce  
WV 03 US House Richard Ojeda      

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