2018 Pennsylvania Primary

Get registered to vote online here. The deadline to register is April 16th. Do it now.

Primaries are an EXTREMELY important part of our election process. Primaries allow us to determine the options that we will face in the general election. To avoid a choice between the lesser of two evils we need to engage politically in the primaries. Vote based on the issues that matter. To make progress we shouldn’t start off from a position of compromise. Establish a position for what we want, then compromise later. Every attempt to reverse the order of these two steps has never met with ultimate success.

Politix.net will have our usual background info, analysis, and endorsements in time for the May 15th primary.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s redistricting of the state has put a bit of a twist into the upcoming elections for the year. Candidates who thought they were running in one district have often discovered that the district they are running in has different boundaries. The move by the Supreme court was to make districts more compact and reduce the gerrymandering that overwhelmingly favored the republican party. To give you an idea of how effective gerrymandering can be, the republicans hold 13 of 18 congressional seats despite only having roughly 50% of the popular vote, state-wide.

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