Be sure you can exercise your right to vote

Recent events in Arizona underscore how important it for citizens to double-check their voting registration. Provides a great resource to confirm citizens’ data on voter registration. If there are any discrepancies it is important to correct them immediately. Voters in Arizona were given provisional ballots when the county records didn’t match voter registration cards which voters presented at the polling place. These provisional ballots were not (as of this writing) counted, so due to administrative error, many citizens were denied their right to vote. To avoid this possibility, it is recommended that all voters check and confirm the accuracy of the voter registration information in the government records.
Records should be checked for:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Party affiliation

In many states party affiliation limits options for voting. Citizens intending to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary, should be sure that their registration information indicates affiliation with this party.
Citizens who are not yet registered to vote should do so immediately. In many states this can be accomplished online.

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